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Phenomena Group Ltd. is the company that owns the new gTLD .PROMO (see:newgtlds.icann.org). We are focusing our development resources to a platform that can be described as “Enterprise-level Groupon”. We operate currently accross Europe accross 22 countries and soon also in the USA. We are a very innovative and fast company with our head offices in Helsinki Finland, design team in Tallinn Estonia and Development team in Kiev Ukraine. Our platform is the core asset for for scaling up our very profitable business (current annual revenue 1.5M Euro).

We are looking for world-class top talent to complement our extremely skilled dev team. If you identify yourself as one of the best and want to avoid stagnation of the outsourcing factories of Ukraine — this could be your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to grow and prosper. Don’t wait, act now.

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Сайт: dotpromoinc.com
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Надання послуг: IT компанії: розробка та сервіс
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